Quartz Countertops


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We Offer Quartz Countertops!

Quartz countertops are one of the most sought-after countertop materials. Here at West Michigan Carpet & Tile, we offer two of the very best brands in the industry:
Cambria and Vicostone 

We have a wide variety of colors and designs that suit any interior design style. Whether you like bold or soft patterns, we have several options from which to choose.

Cambria inspiration

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Customize Your Countertops Your Way!

Cambria design palette


Our quartz countertops have several color and pattern options for you to choose from. From timeless classics to cutting-edge contemporary, you're sure to find the perfect countertop to complement your décor.

Cambria edge profiles


The edge profile is an important aspect of your countertop. Choose from several types of edges to achieve the look you are going for! Our countertop experts will help guide you through the different edge profiles available. 

Our Quartz Countertop Brands!

Cambria Quartz
Vicostone Quartz

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Updating your countertops is a quick way to elevate the look of your kitchen or bathroom. With the plethora of colors and patterns available, it's easy to find the perfect selection for any space.
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